Room Addition Remodeling Ideas

You have outgrown your home but don’t want to move. A well planned and thought out room addition may be the right answer for you. Single and multiple room additions are a specialty for us. The need for help in designing your room addition can be a great one for many people. Some of our clients like to work with their own architect in making a plan for their room addition and we will work with the architect as well. On the other hand, we have become expert in being able to help our customers design and plan their room addition. This greatly simplifies the process of creating your new living space. We work with software that enables you to see your finished product before any work even starts. This allows you to make changes and modifications to the design in-house, all in one place. We have been successful with several customers in creating the perfect solution to adding beautiful and useful living space to their home.

When thinking through the possibility of making an addition to your home here are some things to consider.

Think through what requirements you have for your room addition. What kind of room or rooms would you like for your addition? What will be going into the room? Bed size and furniture height among many other things should be considered in a bedroom. Shower, tub, vanity cabinetry, and fixture specifications are things to answer about a bathroom remodel. Making these kinds of decisions in the beginning of planning can save you money on change orders later. Some of the best plans for room additions are made when you start from the inside and build the walls and ceiling around these ideas.

Think of any special electrical and lighting necessities that your fixtures, appliances or equipment may have. If you’re not sure what these may be make sure that you discuss these items with us so that we can work these needs into the design of the room addition.

What are the limits in how you can design your room addition? The reality is there may be limits to the extent of your design. This can be due to things like: zoning ordinances, property setback, existing structure, plumbing, heating and air equipment and ductwork. The key here is to properly identify these limits and then create solutions to incorporate the desired results into the room addition.

How will you tie the existing space with the new addition? When you are creating living space with your room addition it is generally desirable to have a good flow to the new space. The last thing that you want is to have a disrupted feeling in the room addition. Color, fabrics and furnishings can aid the design in softening this transition.

You are going to have questions during the process so be sure to ask. We love the opportunity to answer your questions throughout the entire process. We are also here to help you know the questions that you should be asking and finding you the right answers. We have been doing this a long time and we know how to put our customers at ease about each project. We meet with you regularly and notate progress, concerns and assign tasks to ensure the project is completed as successfully as it starts.

The decision to add a room to your home is a serious one indeed. Your home is a central part of life for you and your family. We are proud to know that many of our customers consider us friends. Every project creates a relationship. We want every relationship to be a great one for both of us. Let us assist you in making your room addition the very best it can be

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