Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

For most people, remodeling the bathroom can be just as important as remodeling the kitchen. This is due, in part, to how a bathroom remodel can increases the value of your home. Also, we are pampering ourselves more, especially in these tough economic times.As a result people are creating bathrooms that have become our private retreats. With a bathroom remodel people want to “feel” their improvements not just see them. Remodeling your bathroom usually involves a design combination of stone, tile, metal, wood and glass for a very “spa like” luxurious look. There are so many different fixtures and finishes to choose from that you can spend a bundle or a little as you choose. That’s where we can be a great asset to our customers in making the right decisions for the perfect bathroom remodel.

It is really important to sit down and think about what things are most important to you before you start your bathroom remodel.

  • Quality and personal satisfaction – along with your budget – will no doubt impact the final design.
  • What are the elements you would like for your bathroom remodel?
  • Are there any structural elements that should be changed to accomplish your dream bathroom?
  • What are my options for style and materials?
  • How is the lighting in my bathroom?
  • What are my shower or tub options?
  • How should I design my cabinetry to match my needs and personal style? How can I combine all these options to have a bathroom that reflects my own personality?

These are just a few questions that should be answered during the planning phase of the process of a bathroom remodel. We have been able to help many of our customers to answer these questions.

Here are some of the more popular bathroom remodel trends to help to get your creativity flowing as you start thinking about your bathroom remodel.

  • Increasing the size of the bathroom for the things you want: furniture, airy walk-in showers, soaker tub. Getting rid of noisy jacuzzi tubs and replacing it with a free standing cast iron soaker tub which retains the heat longer than fiberglass.
  • Private toilet: many prefer a separate room for the toilet in the master bathroom, or at a minimum a privacy wall.
  • Many people now are thinking outside the box and increasing the entertainment value of the bathroom by installing flat screen TVs, music, lounge chairs and even breakfast bars!
  • Combining different materials in the final finishes:wood and stone, glass and chrome – glass tile being the most desired because of the beautiful glow it gives off.

Bathroom fixture manufacturers are really pushing the limits of design today as homeowners are willing to invest in products to get the retreat they want in their master bathrooms. In a continuing effort to provide the finest options for our customers we have partnerships with multiple sources that are committed to excellence in materials, quality and design. In a bathroom remodel as well as other types of remodeling your cabinets offer a distinctive style to really set your remodel project apart from the rest.

We have the expertise to make your next bathroom remodel a pleasant and rewarding experience. Our design team can produce drawings and sketches so that you can visualize the finished product even before starting any work. We can also work with you in making decisions on selections and design and color schemes where needed. We work for you and take pride in knowing that many of our customers call us again for other home remodeling projects. We hope you will choose us as your contractor for not only your bathroom remodel but for any of your next home improvement remodel projects.

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