Add Space With A Basement Remodel

Tired of that unfinished basement?

Does your basement lack flair or substance? Basements today need not lack luster or personality. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. In fact, narrowing down your ideas for your basement space can be difficult all by itself. Here are some design ideas for your basement:

Home Theatre: Why not create your own movie theatre? When we think about our movie experience, rarely do we get excited about the equipment. The draw to a great theatre is the atmosphere we experience. Some home theatres create the total experience, from the “street like” entrance to the concession stand complete with popcorn machine. You can create a theatre feel with elevated seating, wall décor and lighting among other things. Make your basement remodel into your very own home theatre experience.

Sports Bar: With this basement remodel idea the question is, “How far do we go?” With a sports bar you can really express your personality and style. Do you want a place to enjoy a quiet drink at the end of the day or would a complete sports bar experience to entertain company be what you want? Express your style with your choices of finishes, materials, color scheme and layout. Think about the sports bars that you have visited. What appeals to you? Determine the theme up front and keep this in mind during the planning process and you will be surprised how things fall into place.

Family and Guest Rooms: One great way to add living space to your home is to consider remodeling your basement. Finished basements can dramatically increase your square footage and create a welcome addition, usually at a lower cost than adding on to your home. The type and layout of your basement can be a big influence on the costs of creating a pleasant space. A walkout or daylight basement gives you more options for rooms and design. What about a bathroom? Eliminate needless trips up and down the stairs by adding a bathroom to your basement remodel. A well designed basement family room can create a wonderful place to bring families together.

Home Gym: This can be a much easier room to design when considering ideas for your basement remodel. What equipment do you want? What space requirements do you need? What electrical requirements do you need for your equipment? It is also easier to think about decorating the home gym because you actually want it to look like a gym. Mirror wall finishes and specific flooring are a few things to consider in planning a home gym. Some people may want to add a small bar and refrigerator for making protein shakes and smoothie drinks while in your gym.

Other Elements to Consider: Lighting should be a strong consideration in your basement remodel. Proper lighting can create the right mood. When done improperly, lighting can make the space too bright when over used or gloomy and dark if under used. What about the stairs? A stairway can be dressed up to add class and flair to any basement remodel. Incorporating storage space is another essential element to consider in your basement remodel. Shelving, cabinetry and even hidden storage are all options that you can think about in your basement design.

We have been able to help many customers in creating a basement remodel experience that they could be proud to share with their family and friends. Several of these customers are happy to call us friends. We strive to make the remodel experience a pleasant one for all of our customers. We help you ask the right questions and find the right answers. We thrive on the satisfaction of our customers.

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